Modern Cross Pillow

Back in April I was contacted by the social media and marketing director of Camelot Fabrics. She was interested in having me create a quilted project for their web site. I was very flattered. They have some really cool fabrics. I was able to choose from all of them and pick the ones I liked the best to use in whatever I designed for them. Having never designed a quilt before, I decided to start small and created a pillow design.

I’ve always liked half-square triangles and crosses, so I combined them and came up with the design below. My friend Emma said she liked the design but she probably wouldn’t make the pillow herself because of all the triangles. I do see what she means. It’s also a pretty large pillow at 20″ and could seem daunting to some people. When I submitted the design to Camelot Fabrics, they asked me if I could redesign it with just one star so that it would be a little simpler.

modern cross pillow

modern cross pillow1So after the redesign, here’s what the new pillow design looks like. It’s a 16″ pillow. I think I do like it better with just one star. It looks a lot more doable. So doable in fact, that I had to try it out for myself. I used this pattern for the Modern Quilt Guild’s Michael Miller fabric challenge that ended last month.

Here’s my submission for the challenge. I also entered it in the Iowa State Fair and it won second place. All’s well that ends well.

moderncrossIf you want to try the pattern out yourself, you can download it for free here.