Starting the Year Off with a Finish

I’ve been in hibernation mode since Thanksgiving, so I’m happy to report that I actually started this month off by finishing a quilt. It’s my Bloomsbury Gardens quilt that I started in 2012. I really love all the fabrics together. They’re very striking and they complement each other well. I’ve always wanted a Liberty of London quilt and now I have one!

Bloomsbury quilt_0003AWBloomsbury-quilt_0019AWI’m not happy that you can’t see the quilting very well on the front. I really wanted to use cream thread on the front and blue thread on the back, but I had tension problems with the cream thread showing up on the back. So I used blue thread on both sides. So it’s hard to see the quilting on the front. But you can see it really well on the back and it looks pretty good. The quilting design I used was Ohfransson’s Dogwood pattern. I really love it so much. I just wish you could see it better on the front.

Bloomsbury-quilt_0017AWLast week at my quilting group’s monthly meeting, we brought a list of all of our UFOs (unfinished objects). My list was the smallest with eight projects unfinished, but I do want to make a dent in it and finish at least a third of those projects by the end of this year. Of course, by the time I do, inevitably, more projects will be added to that list (it’s funny how that works). We agreed to revisit our lists in December¬†and see if any of us have made progress on our UFOs. I hope to be one of them.

But I also decided that there is one UFO I won’t be finishing. It is a group project my quilting group and I made together when I first joined the group. While I enjoyed working on the medallion quilt when we were making it, it has prairie points that I’m not really crazy about. And my tastes have changed since then. So I don’t really want to spend the time, energy and money to have the quilt top quilted and bound. Making that decision feels good. And it feels right to me.

I think that just because you have a UFO doesn’t mean you have to finish it. You may not be the same person you were when you first started it. Things change and your tastes change. It’s ok to admit that you don’t love something you started awhile ago. Give it to someone else who might like it more. Or donate it to a charity. In my case,¬†I’ll keep the medallion quilt top. It means a lot to me because my friends and I made it together. I’m just not interested in finishing it anymore.

I have decided not to make any resolutions for this year. They always seem to fall by the wayside, anyway. I’ve decided what I want is for worry, fear and unhappiness not to have a place in my life. I want to be happy and have more fun this year. I’ve also decided that life is too short to spend a single moment doing something I don’t want to do. So I want to make every minute count. 2013 was kind of a bust for me, so I’m hoping 2014 will be much better. I hope this year is a good year for you, too. Happy 2014!


Retreat Recap

Every time I go to a quilting retreat, I always bring way more projects than I can possibly finish. And this past weekend in Indianola, at the DMAQG retreat, was no different. I always think I’m going to run out of stuff to work on, but that never happens. I didn’t get as much finished as I thought I would, but I was happy to be almost done with two quilt tops that I’ve been wanting to finish for a while.

If you remember my Flicker 3×6 Sampler Quilt from the last retreat, I thought it was finished. But it was still too narrow to fit a twin-size bed. So I added another vertical row to it. Now the top is finished and I just need to get it quilted and bound. I’m also almost finished with my Single Girl quilt top. I just need to add a side piece to the left and right sides and get it quilted and bound.

My 3×6 Sampler quilt top

My Single Girl quilt top almost completed

I also started piecing squares for a simple squares patchwork quilt using lovely floral prints from Liberty of London’s new line of craft fabric called Bloomsbury Gardens. I was inspired to make this quilt after seeing Ashley’s wonderful quilt made from Liberty lawn cottons. Ever since I learned to quilt and discovered Liberty’s fantastic (and expensive) lawn cotton fabric, I’ve been wanting to buy some of that gorgeous fabric. But at $37 a yard, I knew I could never afford to make a quilt using this fabric. So, when they came out with their new, more affordable line of craft cotton this year, I jumped at the chance to buy some and make a quilt with them. It’s going to be a very loud and bright quilt with all the bold, vivid colors and busy patterns. I think it will be very eye-catching.

I have two other quilts that I was hoping to get started on, but those will have to wait until after Thanksgiving. It seems that there are always projects waiting to be worked on, but at least I have two that are soon to be crossed off my to-do list.