My Scissors Collection

I’ve always been curious about what people collect. I’m amazed by what people come up with, from collectible action figures and comic books worth lots of money to seemingly inconsequential things like bottle caps and Pez dispensers. My husband’s niece collects Barbie dolls (she’s married and has a child) and his brother-in-law has a framed barbed wire collection that’s actually kind of cool-looking.

When I was a kid I had a huge sticker collection. My sisters and I were obsessed with stickers. I also collected erasers shaped like different objects like fruits or cartoon characters. As I got older I started collecting things like small metal tins and containers and antique medicine bottles, but I lost interest in them after awhile. Throughout my life, though, without realizing it, I was amassing a collection of scissors. I’ve always had a fondness for scissors—small or large. I don’t know why but there’s something about them that attracts me to them. Maybe it’s because they come in all shapes, colors and sizes and they’re so useful.


At last count I had 30 pairs of scissors and that’s not even counting the decorative-edge scissors which would bring my total near 50. Why so many scissors you ask? I don’t know why. I’m a quilter and sewer, so naturally it stands to reason that I would have a few pairs of scissors for cutting fabric and to have near my sewing machine for cutting threads. I also do some cross-stitching so it’s nice to have a good pair of sharp embroidery scissors on hand. My collection isn’t just to look at. I actually use the scissors that I collect.

Lately I’ve really been into buying embroidery scissors; especially ones with decorative handles like cats, storks or owls. I don’t have the stork or owl ones yet and would like to add them to my collection. The pair that I really want are these gold Eiffel Tower scissors but they’re just a little out of my price range. Maybe some day if I win the lottery I’ll get them.


I think that once I get the few pairs of scissors my collection is missing, it will be complete and I won’t need to add any more to it. I hope. I’m running out of room for places to keep my scissors. And if my husband only knew how many scissors I had he would lose his mind.



I’m curious. What do you collect? Is there anything you’d like to start collecting?

7 thoughts on “My Scissors Collection

  1. This is cool, Veronica! Sometimes we feature people with interesting collections. Don’t be surprised if I call you some time …

    Merry Christmas!


    Sent with bizarre typos from my iPhone

  2. This is fun–I’ve had various collections from time to time, but I tend to get overwhelmed by “stuff” and back off adding more eventually. Except fabric. I will likely always collect fabric. 😉

  3. I am in danger of following you down the scissor collecting path! Antique scissors are so varied, and interesting. The closer one inspects them the more one sees. I had a quality pair once, and the way the finger holes interacted with the hand was just amazing! It had to be experienced to be appreciated, the fingers slid seamlessly in and out, no getting caught on the knuckles, all because of the subtle angle of the inside of the loops. Yet to look at one should say they were quite ordinary!

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