Scrappy Birthday!

Today we celebrated our fourth year of owning our cat Scrappy. He came to us as a stray cat, so we don’t really know how old he is. We’re guessing he’s about five or six years old.

About a year after Dave and I moved into our house, we noticed two stray orange tabbies roaming the neighborhood, strutting around, acting as if this turf was theirs. For about a year and a half, we’d see them walking through everyone’s yards, even in the wintertime in the snow. I don’t know how they survived. We think that they were brothers that someone abandoned (because Scrappy is neutered).

Then in July of 2009, we decided to try and feed them because they were so cute and we felt sorry for them. We had a can of tuna, so we tried to lure them over. But only Scrappy dared to come near us and eat while we were standing there. The other cat was too afraid of us. He was also pretty mean. He would just hiss and at us and try to scratch us if we went near him.

ScrappyCrown1AWScrappy took to us immediately. He let us pet him and feed him. He loved the attention. After that first time, he kept coming back for more food every day. So then it got to be a routine. And then he became ours. We started out by feeding him leftover scraps we had in the refrigerator. That’s how he got his name. We called him Scraps and his friend Boots because his friend had white paws that looked like white boots.

When winter came along, Scrappy decided to spend it inside with us. He left Boots outside alone in the cold. (Boots never warmed up to us and always stayed mean.) But when it was spring again, Scrappy headed back outside and hung out with Boots. He’s mostly an outdoor cat. He can’t stand to be cooped up inside. The winter months are the longest ones for all of us because he wants to be outside but knows it’s too cold or too snowy. By the time spring comes along, we’re all ready for him to go out again.

We love having him as a pet. Since we don’t have any children, he’s like our baby. Dave tends to spoil him a lot with treats. And Scrappy really favors Dave more than he does me. They’re such great buddies that they hang out together all the time when Dave does yard work. I always get a kick out of watching Scrappy following Dave around the yard like a puppy.

People think cats aren’t as smart as dogs, but I think cats are extremely intelligent. Even in the heaviest rainstorm, Scrappy always knows where to find shelter. It always surprises me when I go to let him in during a storm, that he’s completely dry. Somehow, he always manages to find a dry spot to hide in when it’s raining. And when he wants to come inside, Scrappy scratches on the door to let us know. He’s such a character. He thinks he has us trained.

I hope we have many more years together with Scrappy. He can be annoying sometimes. But for the most part, we love having him in our lives and he’s a part of our family now. Happy Birthday Scrappy!



2 thoughts on “Scrappy Birthday!

  1. Did you forget what is possibly his best attribute?: “Lets us string a crown ’round his head and sits patiently while we take photos.” 😀

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