Teresa’s House Quilt

Back in December, my quilting group Seams So Easy lost a member. Our beloved Teresa got a great job offer in Orlando that was too good to pass up. So, of course, we wished her well and hoped she would find much happiness there. But we felt a deep sense of loss because she was the heart and soul of our group and she would be deeply missed. She is one really nice lady and I’ll never forget her.

So once Teresa told us she was leaving for the sunny climes of Florida, the rest of us secretly planned a quilt for her. Yeah, we’re sneaky like that. That’s the Seams So Easy way. I looked all over the Internet for quilts that the five of us could finish quickly and easily. We wanted to finish the quilt pretty quickly so she could have something in her new home to welcome her and remind her of her friends back in her old home state. I sent links to everyone of photos of quilts that reminded me of Teresa and everyone voted on them. There wasn’t a clear front runner. But then I saw this houses quilt by Oh, Fransson! and thought it was perfect. And so did everyone else. So that was the quilt we went with.

We decided how many blocks we wanted in the quilt and what color each of us wanted to use in our blocks. We also decided to embroider a message or a quilt block and our name in the center of each block. I drafted a rough design of the quilt in Adobe Illustrator so everyone could get an idea of what it was going to look like before we started it.

IMG_1353_0005WThe centers of the blocks that we embroidered

IMG_1354_0006WWe wanted to spend some time together working on the blocks as a group. So, Dawn, who is a soldier at Camp Dodge, was able to let us in there for a day. We got together on New Year’s Day and started sewing the quilt blocks. It was a perfect space for sewing. We sewed the whole quilt top together! (You can click on the photos to see them larger.)


Tricia, Emma and Lisa busily piecing their house blocks

housesWWe were hoping to finish the quilt in a month or two, but as the song by John Lennon goes, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” It was quilted in early March. Emma quilted it in a beautiful wood grain pattern. It turned out awesome. She really did a great job on it.

Teresa'sQUILTWWe finally got the quilt mailed to Teresa in late March, I think. We heard from her last month and she said loved it. We loved it so much, too, that we decided to make it again; for ourselves this time, as a group project. We’re each going to make one and make blocks for each other to use in each of our quilts.

I love group projects like this. They’re so rewarding and they go fast with so many people working on them. Have you ever been part of a group project like this? If so, what did you make?


2 thoughts on “Teresa’s House Quilt

  1. Great post, Veronica, sorry I’m just now getting around to reading it! I love the work in progress photos! Thanks for the kind comments about my quilting. I love our group projects too…lets keep ’em coming!

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