I Met Vanessa Christenson!

On Friday night, the awesome Vanessa Christenson of V and Co. came to speak to our Modern Quilt Guild. She spoke about using traditional blocks in modern quilting and did a fabulous job. She was so funny and down-to-earth. I really loved everything she had to say about modern quilting and quilting in general.

041913_0034AWVanessa said when people ask her if she’s a modern quilter or traditional quilter, she tells them that she’s just a quilter. I like that answer. She really wants all quilters to feel like we belong to a great sisterhood of quilters that have passed on this wonderful art and tradition that continues to live and grow and get passed on to future generations. She said she believes it will continue to change, grow, live on and never die. Each generation will add its own mark or stamp to quilting just like ours has. And all generations can learn something from each other.

041913_0020AWA Dresden Plate block Vanessa made with her new fabric

We got to see a lot of Vanessa’s quilts in person that she has posted on her blog. It was so cool to be able to see them up close. Vanessa also gave us a Power Point presentation and showed how simple it is to take a traditional block and make it modern just by changing up the placement, the color, the scale of fabrics or the angle.

041913_0004AWAn ombre quilt Vanessa quilted with straight lines

I loved Vanessa’s super friendly and charismatic personality. Instead of shaking my hand when I met her, she reached over and gave me a hug. She’s one of those people you just instantly like. I’ve been following her blog for a couple of years and always imagined that her personality was just like this. It’s always such a pleasure when you get to meet a celebrity and the idea of what you think they’re like matches up to their true nature.

What I also really liked about Vanessa is that she can be honest about what she’s not good at. She said she’s not great at free motion quilting and she’d rather pay someone else a million dollars to do that for her. I think that’s something that a lot of us quilters can identify with. Vanessa quilts all of her own stuff with straight lines (because she likes that look) and pays someone else to do the fancy stuff. That’s nice to hear that even the experts aren’t perfect at everything.

If you asked me what kind of quilter I am, I would say I’m just a quilter, too. I love traditional quilts and modern quilts. But there are some aspects of both that I don’t like. So, yeah, I’m just a quilter.


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