Zigzag Quilt Once More


No, you’re not experiencing déjà vu. This quilt may look quite familiar, but it’s actually slightly different from this one that I made for my nephew Gavin when he was born last summer. When my sister Angie saw it, she said she loved it so much that it almost made her wish she were having a baby so that she could have one just like it. She loved the colors, the fabrics and everything about it.

Her not-so-subtle hint wasn’t lost on me. So I told Angie I’d make her a quilt just like Gavin’s. I was lucky enough to find all but one of the same fabrics that I used for the first quilt. I did change the order of some of the stripes, though, so it wouldn’t be exactly the same as the first quilt. I don’t want any two quilts I make to ever be exactly the same. That’s just a rule of mine when I’m making quilts.


I used this great tutorial by Crazy Mom Quilts and I still intend to make one of these zigzag quilts for myself one of these days. It’s a great throw size for the couch. So many quilts and so little time!

This quilt is on its way to North Carolina. I hope you like it, Angie!


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