Recent Projects

I thought I’d share a couple projects that I finished during the past few weeks. First up is a wrist pincushion that’s been on my to-do list for the last four years. You know what? I don’t think I know anyone else who uses a wrist pincushion. It seems like it’s something that mostly seamstresses and garment sewers use. I love mine because it’s so handy and it makes it so convenient to always have pins close at hand.

My shabby old pincushion

I’ve used the same elastic-strap wrist pincushion for the last five years that I bought at JoAnn’s, and I wish I had bought two of them because they don’t sell them anymore. I’ve already had to replace the elastic once because the original elastic wore out. Now the elastic that I replaced it with is worn out, too. I’m tired of replacing the elastic, so I finally decided to make the wrist pincushion that’s been on my list ever since I saw it on Planet June’s blog several years ago.

My spiffy new wrist pincushion!

I think it turned out pretty well, but it doesn’t look exactly like Planet June’s. Hers is more angular and the corners are pointier. I was expecting mine to turn out like that. I think mine looks like a jelly doughnut. Maybe I’ll have to make another one and see if that one looks better. I think the only thing I would do differently next time is make the strap an inch longer to allow for more overlap on the Velcro ends of the strap.

I also made a house-shape mug rug for my pen pal Monica’s birthday last month. I designed a paper-pieced roof made of triangles and added some hand stitching instead of doing any machine quilting on it. It was a fun project. I think I may make more of these and sell them in my Etsy shop or design a downloadable pattern for people to purchase.


7 thoughts on “Recent Projects

  1. A wrist pincushion would be really nice. I keep moving mine from the cutting area to beside my machine. It would make a lot more sense to just have it on me. Now, how can I always know where my seam ripper is?
    The house is cute!

  2. I loved my mug rug!!! The detail is lovely, and blue is my favorite color, not to mention that I love owls and that I’m an Architect, so the house shape fits perfect to my personality. It is the nicest handmade surprise I ever got for my B-Day. I’m so Happy we met, and that we keep in touch by letters.

    • I’m so glad! When I make something for someone, I’m always worried that they won’t like it. So I’m always so happy when they do. ; ) I’m glad we’re pen pals and hope we get to meet in person some day.

      • I am sure we will… Maybe in a quilt retreat, and Hopefully in the quilt cruise!!! I’m still counting on it! So all the good luck to you!

  3. I always poked myself with wrist cushions in the past, but they are super handy… this makes me think I should make a new one finally, and use something hard-to-poke-through for the back. Crazy adorable coaster. Nice nice work. Double inspiration!

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