Crochet-Covered Stones

Whenever Dave and I go on a road trip, I always have to take a crafty project with me to keep myself busy and to help pass the time. I can’t stand having nothing to work on. It makes time seem like it’s standing still and the trip seem so long. Plus, I always feel a sense of accomplishment after I’ve finished completing something.

When we planned our trip to Colorado, I knew I was going to need something creative to work on during the 10-hour drive each way. I hadn’t crocheted for a while and I’ve been wanting to make some crochet-covered stones for years after seeing the beautiful work of Margaret Oomen’s. So I thought this would be the perfect time to try out her famous free pattern and tutorial she did for Purl Bee.

Some lovely work by Margaret Oomen via Purl Bee.

The pattern was pretty easy to follow and I love how the stones turned out. I decided to make one for each of my three pen pals. So, Jennifer, Monica and Robin, tell me which one you want (in the top photo). Just leave a message for me in the comments. Whoever calls dibs first gets the one they want. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll choose one for you.

I want to start experimenting and make up my own patterns. I love how intricate some of Margaret’s designs are. I think I like the colored threads better than the neutral colors. Now I’m on the hunt for some brightly colored Valdani and pearl cotton threads. Anybody know of some good sources?

[Edited to add: I’ve discovered that has a wide range of embroidery threads. I’m going to have to buy some!]


4 thoughts on “Crochet-Covered Stones

  1. Oh my gosh!!! I love all of them !!! 🙂 I like the blue one, the Fuscia… But I guess my very favorite is the one in the top right corner. They are all so pretty!!! I always take something to work on on trips too and is usually crochet stuff, I might be going to North Arkansas on october, Colorado is 20 hours away 😦 so me and Eric will wait for another vacation and fly instead. Thanks!!! I feel so flattered to get to have one of these!

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