Happy Anniversary to Us

Dave and I got married eight years ago today. We figured September 11 was not a date either of us would ever forget. So far, it’s worked out great. We dated for six years before that, so we’ve been together for 14 years. Every year when I tell Dave how many years it has been, he remarks that it can’t be possible. Time goes by so quickly.

Most people we know think it’s weird that we don’t buy each other cards or gifts every year on our anniversary. If there’s one thing you should know about Dave, it’s that he hates buying cards for any occasion. He thinks they’re a huge waste of money. And he thinks that holidays are part of a huge conspiracy created by the greeting card companies to get the American public to spend their money on extremely overpriced cards that will just get thrown away. I don’t get that excited myself about buying cards, either. Most of them really aren’t that great. I used to make them myself for a long time, but I lost interest after awhile. So I partially relieved ourselves of that responsibility and told Dave we didn’t have to buy each other cards or gifts for our anniversary unless it was a milestone one (ending in a 5 or 0). Lucky for us that only happens every five years.

I think some people get too caught up in the trappings of gift giving for anniversaries (not all people, but some). They’re so concerned with finding the perfect card or gift to please the other person, without thinking about the big picture. I don’t need a fancy gift or flowers on my anniversary to tell me that Dave loves me. I know it from the little day-to-day things he does. It’s the way he does the dishes most of the time because he knows I don’t like doing them. Or the way he feeds our cat Scrappy every morning and cleans his litter box, even though I’m one who’s the cat lover. And the way he scrapes the ice off my car windows when he’s shoveling the driveway in the winter. There are a lot of other little things he does that make my life easier and better. That’s what true love is. And that’s much better than a box of chocolates or bouquet of roses.

I read an article on how to stay married for 15 years that I found very interesting. The author gives 15 tips on how to stay married and I agree with all of them except for the one on moving. For us, moving is stressful and not fun at all. We have had some nasty arguments during a couple moves because I have so much crafting stuff and Dave didn’t want to move all of it. So, for us, staying put = good, moving = bad. Traveling is good, though. We love to travel and visit new places. All of the other points the author makes are true and I wholeheartedly agree with them.

I think the key to a successful marriage is marrying your best friend. Dave and I are the best of friends and we trust each other completely. And we agree with each other on most of the important things in life. The best thing about him is that he makes me laugh every single day. I can always count on him to make me smile. I’m a very lucky girl.


2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Us

  1. Happy anniversary to both of you! Thats great that he makes you laugh, its the little things that make life way much better, I don’t think moving is good for anybody… I moved so many times in my life and hope not to do it more than once again, the idea of boxing, un boxing, carrying, cleaning, arranging… pfff no thank you I just don’t get how can that be good for couples. I’m reading this book that was given to me as a wedding gift and the author says that the woman has a need to be loved an the man a need to be respected… and who doesn’t right.. very simple but accurate I guess. I wish you happiness in your marriage and life and that you never have to move unless somebody does everything for you 😉

    • Thanks, Monica! We’re hoping that our next move will be our very last one. So when we buy our next house, we’re going to choose very wisely. We don’t ever want to have to buy another one or move again.

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