Gavin’s Zigzag Quilt

My youngest sister Grace had a baby boy last month and I made a zigzag quilt for him using this great tutorial by Amanda. I’ve been wanting to make a zigzag quilt ever since I learned how to quilt and this was finally a great reason to do it. I really liked this method because I didn’t have to cut or sew any triangles and it went together faster and easier than if I had to piece triangles together. I really liked the end result so much that I want to make one for myself now.

Another thing I liked about this quilt is that it is very generously sized. It’s larger than a typical baby quilt, so it would make a good toddler-size quilt, too, as well as a lap or throw quilt. The only thing I would do differently next time is not use polyester batting because the high loft made quilting it kind of a pain. But the extra thickness is going to make this a very warm quilt.


5 thoughts on “Gavin’s Zigzag Quilt

  1. Wow Its so pretty!!!
    I love the combination with gray, that’s my husbands favorite color, I will make a zigzag quilt one day 🙂 and I hope it comes out as pretty as yours. the tutorial is very helpful.

  2. Oh I would have loved to see you work with the high loft batting. This years resolution is to not buy but use up what I have for quilt projects. I have some high loft batting I’ve only used for tied quilts but since I don’t like that look, in the corner it sits. I’ve got it basted this weekend into an abstract quilt with only straight lines. It will probably just be a couch blanket – we shall see.

    • That’s a good resolution. I’m trying to do that this year, too. I have so much fabric I need to use that I really don’t need to buy much more this year (except for some special new lines that I just have to have!). I don’t think I’ll use polyester batting again. It’s a bear to quilt!

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