Wind, and rain, and damage! Oh my!

We had a huge storm over the weekend here in Central Iowa. There were tornadoes, torrential rain and wind gusts up to 65 miles per hour. I don’t think there was a single neighborhood in Des Moines that escaped unscathed.

Saturday night the rain came pouring down. We lost power in our home around 8:00 p.m., like we always do when there’s a thunderstorm. I swear our house is located in an area that’s a geographical oddity. It’s situated on a street that’s guaranteed to lose power every time it rains hard. I usually kind of expect to lose power during a rainstorm, but then when it actually happens, I’m still always so surprised that it happened. It’s amazing how dependent we are on electricity. All my favorite activities (sewing, Internet surfing, watching TV, cooking) require it.

I was just getting ready to start a sewing project and was also watching a TV show online when the power went out. As an extreme TV junkie, you can imagine how unhappy I was. What added further insult to injury was that I had just bought a bunch of groceries that morning, including a whole chicken, chicken breasts, ice cream and other perishable items. All I could think about was all of that food going to waste. If we had been thinking smarter, we would have put everything in a cooler with a bunch of ice right away. We put some stuff in a cooler the next day, but the damage had already been done. We ended up throwing away a lot of food. We learned our lesson and we’ll be prepared for the next time.

The power was still out all day Sunday, but at least it was sunny and dry outside. We thought the worst had passed us by. We don’t have any trees in our yard, but many of the trees in our neighborhood suffered quite a bit of damage. There were downed tree limbs strewn all over every street, and even some uprooted trees. We were hoping for a nice, quiet day. Unfortunately, later that day, we were disturbed by a loud crunching noise. When we looked outside, we saw that our neighbor’s tree branch had fallen on our backyard shed. You can’t imagine how shocked we were.

You might think that it’s just a shed and it can be replaced. While we’re grateful that the tree branch didn’t land on one of our cars or our house, we were still very upset about the whole thing. And not just because of the cost or hassle of replacing it. You see, my husband built this shed with his own two hands. It took him three days and he did it mostly without any help. He planned it out very carefully beforehand and labored over the planning and execution of it—much like how I might plan a quilt or sewing project.

When he finished building this shed, Dave and I both beamed with pride. He had never built anything this big before on his own and I was so proud of him for doing such a great job. It was also very necessary because we don’t have a garage, so the shed was where we kept all of our outdoor stuff. I know it’s silly, but whenever I finish a huge project and it turns out well, I always feel proud of myself like I accomplished something big, kind of akin to climbing Mt. Everest. So I think it’s sad and kind of heartbreaking when something you spent so many hours making gets destroyed.

I hope those of you in Iowa weathered the storm without suffering much damage. Our power finally came back on this morning, so I’m grateful for that. I don’t think I would make a very good survivor in any kind of post-apocalyptic world where there wasn’t electricity. Would you?


2 thoughts on “Wind, and rain, and damage! Oh my!

  1. Just found your blog, I am originally from Urbandale! I loved reading all your references to places in DM, I can picture all of them. I went to church with a family of the same last name as yours, is your husbands family originally from an area near Merle Hay Mall?

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