My Fabric Shop Fantasy

I always tell my husband that if we won a ton of money in the lottery (I’m talking set-for-life kind of money here), I would open up a modern fabric shop. I’d carry the latest trendy, modern fabrics by the most popular designers. Denyse Schmidt, Anna Maria Horner, Liberty of London, Kokka, Lecien and Echino are just a small sampling of the designer fabrics I would carry. These are all fabrics that can’t be found here in Des Moines, where I live. *Sigh.* I end up buying a lot of fabrics online because I can’t find them locally.

Flea Market Fancy from Denyse Schmidt Quilts

I wouldn’t carry any of the typical quilting fabrics that you could find at most quilt shops because people could buy those at the other two quilts shops in town. I wouldn’t want to take away any of their business. I think there’s plenty of business in this town to go around. My shop would definitely be a fun fabrics shop. I would model it after some of my favorites: Home Ec. Workshop, Bon Bon Atelier, Crafty Planet, Stitch Lab and Quiltology.

I would also offer fantastic sewing, quilting and embroidery classes—catered toward younger sewers—that taught the latest modern sewing and quilting techniques. There would be finished samples galore hanging throughout the store to give customers ideas and inspiration. And, of course, I’d have to have all of those cool sewing patterns by Sew Liberated, Heather Bailey, Denyse Schmidt and Penguin & Fish that I seem to only be able to find online or in other shops when I travel to larger cities.

Some of my favorite sewing patterns

I wouldn’t open this store expecting to make a lot of money; although it would be great if it did end up being very profitable. I know that owning a business is a lot of hard work. And most new businesses don’t see any real profit during the first few years. It can be tough to keep a small business going, especially in this current economy. Which is why I would only do this if I never had to worry about money again. Having this shop would just be my fun dream job. A place where I could go to escape the daily stress of life and sew or quilt all day long. And be around other fabric addicts lovers. I mean, what’s more fun than being in a fabulous fabric store? I can’t think of anything better. You know what I’m talking about, right? I know you do.

I can see it all very clearly. I’d have a large room in the back for classes, retreats and sew-ins. I’d even invite our Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild to have its monthly meetings here. It would be sew much fun (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!). I even know where I would open the shop. Close to Des Moines, in a very small suburb called Windsor Heights, there’s a newish building on University Avenue that’s for lease and doesn’t have any shops in it yet. It’s been vacant for a while. Every time I drive by it, I can’t help but think, “That would be an awesome location for a fabric shop!” There are lots of floor-to-ceiling windows and ample parking. It’s even close to Interstate 235, so travelers from other cities could get to it easily. See, I’ve thought of everything.

Gosh, I guess I’d better go buy a lottery ticket, huh? Is there some type of venture, creative or otherwise, that you would pursue if money were no object? Tell me, I’d love to know.


6 thoughts on “My Fabric Shop Fantasy

  1. Oh that building on University would be PERFECT! I drive by it all the time taking my son to school. I will never look at it agian without seeing a quilt shop.

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